Due to the official announcement of the band’s sad split, it looks like there will be no more Puressence tours 🙁

We can all live in the hope of the boys one day getting back together and putting on a few reunion shows, so this page will stay.

Also, as and when the guys announce solo shows to accompany new projects, details will be posted here. James has already stated that he will be working on a new album this year, so stay tuned…

3 comments on “Tour
  1. robb says:

    My musical heart is crushed – once again. The magnitude of Puressense has sent shockwaves thru every striation of rock/pop bands, and they could not endure their own impact. PLEASE – GOD – reconcile, fight onward, we need you. I wil pay triple for your musical gifts . . .

  2. The Dude says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. The last gig i was at in Glasgow the band walked off stage after 15 mins. Poor show, a lack of professionalism. I swore it was the last gig of theirs i’d ever go to, and it was.

    I guess karma came and slapped them on the face with it’s dick…

  3. Lee Boswell says:

    I try to educate hethans
    Sad news
    True worth never fails x

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