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Sad news yesterday. After more than 20 years of creating beautiful music together and less than a month after the announcement of a new album, Puressence have have decided to go their separate ways. This message was posted on the band’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts yesterday:

“It is with great regret that I have to say Puressence have split for good. Thank you to anyone who has ever supported us, you know who you are.
– James”

I am quite taken aback by this, especially as it was so soon after the announcement of the new album.

In an interview I watched not too long ago (it was on YouTube so it’s possible it was quite old), James was quizzed about the lack of serious success for the band. He responded by telling the reporter that Puressence makes music that moves people, that’s all they care about. Once that stops happening, it’s time for them to stop. Well that time seems to have come, at least from the band’s perspective.

The guys haven’t had an easy time of it over the years, with success and everything that comes with it almost within their grasp, but never quite close enough to grab. In latter years the band members have had to resort to playing weekend gigs so they could continue to work day jobs in the week to pay the bills. As I’ve previously written, I feel bad for them never having achieved this much-deserved success. But from a purely selfish point of view, I’m glad they’re a gem that I (and several thousand other die-hard fans ;-)) “discovered.” Still, through it all they soldiered on and released five stunning albums, as well as a host of singles. For that, we can be thankful. And although the band are no more, we can live in hope of one day seeing them reunite for a gig or two, and look forward to some new projects from the various band members.

So here’s to you, guys. Thanks for all the great music these past two decades, and all the best for the future!

– Jay

November 28th 2013

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3 comments on “Sad News…
  1. Dave Newman says:

    As a pensioner and from the south its a wonder I came across the group, I am glad I did.
    I managed to get to several concerts in London and Manchester and enjoyed every one. The
    music had a hypnotic quality about it and after every concert I came away with a feeling
    of contentment.
    Never understood why they did not get more recognition and fame, especially with that voice.
    Such a shame. As a new LP had been in the pipeline its a shame that anything from work
    already done could not have been released as a final farewell to the fans.
    Puressence you will be missed. R.I.P.

  2. Rich says:

    Gutted is an understatement but I guessed it was on the cards for a while. Great band top lads, seen them dozens of time all around the UK was even lucky enough to support them the last time they played Cardiff. Used to love the travel and buzz of watching then live around the UK. Still we’ve got the back catalogue to play over and over and over………….it was immensely pleasing and influential to be part of the Puressence in-crowd. How they didn’t hit the big time is a mystery to most that follow the band. We have had a Greek engineer join our team in work recently and he raves and raves about them, proudly expresses his joy that his sister, brother mother and father have watched Puressence on many occasions, such is the power of the message.
    Good luck to the boys and here is to hoping, just hoping that we get another chance to sample the magic and live shows once again in the future

  3. melanie fraser says:

    I have seen them several times and they were always so magical, what stands out for me was when we were unable to get into a venue in Middlesborough as my 16 year old daughter was with us the bouncers would not let us in, Puressence were round the side of the venue and when they heard what had happened they allowed us in the side entrance into the concert, so special giving James a thankyou kiss, I also got a birthday phone call from both James and Kevin as I was unable to go to a gig in Newcastle due to ill health my partner spoke to Kevin who asked to speak with me so he phoned me and then I got to speak with James as well… not many bands do that for fans that was out of this world thankyou Puressence for putting some magic into my life I for one will never forget the beautiful things you did for us.

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