James’ Solo Work

After the shock news last week of the demise of Puressence, James announced on the band’s Facebook page yesterday that he will be working on a solo project. In wording very similar the the announcement of the new Puressence album, the following message was posted on Saturday (November 30th):

James Anthony Mudriczki is currently writing and rehearsing songs, and is looking forward to a busy 2014.

So while it’s sad the band has broken up, it would seem the new songs written will see the light of day after all, which is a positive in my view. No word yet on why the split (the band have never been very forthcoming on the Facebook page with “inside” information), but at least there’s been a bit of good news this week. Some fans have speculated this may all be a “smoke screen” and that the band haven’t really split. I’m not convinced, however, and I’m treating this as a softener to the blow.

– Jay

December 2nd 2013

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