Here are the lyrics for Puressence album tracks, arranged chronologically and by album.In the future I will also try to locate and add lyrics to any non-album singles, B-sides and demos. If you have any you’d like to publish, please send them to

Copyright belongs to Puressence. Click on a track to view the song lyrics.

Album Track Song Title
Puressence 1 Near Distance
2 I Suppose
3 Mr. Brown
4 Understanding
5 Fire
6 Traffic Jam in Memory Lane
7 Casting Lazy Shadows
8 You’re Only Trying to Twist My Arm
9 Every House on Every Street
10 India
Only Forever 1 Sharpen Up the Knives
2 This Feeling
3 It Doesn’t Matter Any More
4 Street Lights
5 Standing in Your Shadow
6 All I Want
7 Behind the Man
8 Never be the Same Again
9 Hey Hey I’m Down
10 Past Believing
11 Turn the Lights Out When I Die
12 Gazing Down
Planet Helpless 1 Walking Dead
2 Prodigal Song
3 How Does it Feel?
4 Analgesic Love Song
5 She’s Gotten Over You
6 Make Time
7 Planet Helpless
8 Ironstone Izadora
9 You Move Me
10 Comfort When You Smile
11 Strangers
12 Heart of Gold
13 Throw Me a Line

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