India (Single, 1996)

Released in 1996, India was the final single taken from the group’s debut album, the self-titled Puressence. This also happens to be my favourite track from the album. Here is a picture of my quite rare double 7″ vinyl set, including the Puressence “database card” and both parts of the single (click to enlarge).

Puressence - India (7" Vinyl Single, 1996)

Disc 1 featured the full-length version of India, with the fantastic Let Down on the B-Side. Disc 2 featured “Cut 2” of India, with Gutter Girl on the B-Side. This is a really nice set, with some great artwork by Andy Vella. You can still find the vinyl version, although as it’s getting on for 18 years old now, it’s getting more and more difficult to find, and you rarely find both parts together. Part 2 is available on Amazon if anyone is missing that from their collection.

Puressence - India (1996)

India was also released on CD, though not in a set. The CD version features the full-length version of India, as well as Gutter Girl and Let Down.

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