Don’t Know Any Better – Anthology (1992-2000)

The Don’t Know Any Better anthology is an unofficial Puressence release, encompassing the band’s early EP’s and several B-sides, unreleased studio tracks and live performances, recorded during their Island Records years of 1992 to 2000. The collection was compiled by fans of the band and distributed over the Internet.

Release Date N/A (unofficial release)
Label N/A
No. of Tracks 74 + 2 interview audio recordings
Track Listing
Track Title Chart Peak
1. Siamese
2. Scapa Flow
3. Telekinesis
4. Suck the Knife
5. Polystyrene Snow
6. Petrol Skin
7. Offshore
8. None Handed (Demo)
9. Mist
10. Let it All Go
11. Freefall
12. I Suppose (12 Inch Version)
13. All Star (Will You Understand)
14. Gutter Girl
15. Let Down
2 comments on “Don’t Know Any Better – Anthology (1992-2000)
  1. andy says:

    Hi jay

    Where can I find the anthology download
    Regards Andy

    • Jay says:

      Hi Andy, the Anthology download is available in the usual dodgy places you find bootlegs (torrents etc.). Type “Puressence anthology torrent” into Google and you should be able to find it. As it’s just bootlegs, I should imagine it’s OK to download. Don’t hold me to that though! (disclaimer: I can’t be held responsible for any negative effects resulting from downloading torrents. Sorry – litigious world and all that).

      I’ll also be sticking selected tracks from it on YouTube as part of the site’s channel, as and when time permits.


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