Puressence (1996)

1996 - Puressence (Album Cover)
The melancholic and moody eponymous debut from Puressence was released in April 1996. Although it received positive reviews from the underground music press and was accompanied by an aggressive marketing campaign around Manchester city centre, it failed to achieve a great deal in terms of sales. Both preceding singles (I Suppose and Fire) and the album itself, failed to chart in the top 100. The band released three subsequent singles; India, Traffic Jam in Memory Lane and Casting Lazy Shadows, with all but the latter failing to reach the top 100. Casting Lazy Shadows peaked at number 89.

In spite of this, the album is considered by many fans to be the band’s strongest, and many of the band’s live shows still open with the album’s opening track, Near Distance.

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Release Date 29 April 1996
Label Island Records
No. of Tracks 10
EAN 0731452419422
Track Listing
Track Title Chart Peak
1. Near Distance
2. I Suppose
3. Mr. Brown
4. Understanding
5. Fire
6. Traffic Jam In Memory Lane
7. Casting Lazy Shadows
8. You’re Only Trying To Twist My Arm
9. Every House On Every Street
10. India (Full Version)

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