Thanks for visiting, the fan site for Manchester band Puressence. This site has been created out of a love and admiration for the music of one of the finest bands of this generation. will improve with the interaction of other fans. You are therefore encouraged to get in contact and take part, which you can do in a number of ways. On every page of the site there are Comments boxes, where you can submit comments about the topic on the page. Please note that all comments are subject to review before publishing. See the Terms of Use page for more info on this.

If you wish to submit some other content such as images of the band, videos or have any other news or questions, you can contact me at this mailbox, which is checked periodically (whenever I can be arsed :-))

Thanks for visiting.

One comment on “Contact
  1. Daniel Bedwell says:


    Do you know anywhere I could get Puressence Tshirts from?

    Internets pretty sparse with innovation.



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