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Past Believing

Let me relate the tale of how I evened up the score I said I can’t take anymore without my baby And let me relate the tale of how I barricade my door So I just can’t hear a word of what you’re saying They send a message through my soul I don’t believe a word they said They say you’d like to take control Of all the feelings in my head You know I won’t stop breathing Not until I’m past believing, now I’ll take you beyond the pale while I end up on the floor If you could pass me up that score that you still owe me

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Hey Hey I’m Down

Hey hey, good times You’re in so many lives Why don’t you walk into mine? I’ve waited here for a lifetime But you never showed your face I’m sorry if I’ve been wasting my time I lie to myself I lie and I know I can’t figure out how my story goes But, I lie to myself And there’s no Holy Grail So why don’t you come and lay your body down On my bed of nails? Hey hey I’m down Well I’m stuck in a hole and I can’t see Any way out Remember when we were younger And I showed you what to say And now it seems

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Never be the Same Again

I only ever want to see you When someone tells me that I need to Supposed to be your resurrection You should’ve left it on reflection Well there’s something I’d like to say, to you You’ll never be the same again Standing in the rain again Feeling lots of pain again December 28 again Your famous boxing day again You’ll never be the same again So you just tell that same old story And strike another England’s Glory Well there’s something I’d like to say, ooh ooh ooh, to you You’ll never be the same again You’re standing in the rain again You’re feeling lots of pain again You’re pushed

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All I want

Self disintegrating, not worth educating All I want to do is drag you down I climb out of my fox hole My own sweet chicken pox hole All I want to do is snuff you out Tell me if I could be like I was last night again Trying to convince you that black was white again Always say you know, I know you don’t I’ve got a picture in my mind Sat on a chair near a broken blind with you A little scene left way behind Sat in the church of the broken spine with you Lay back watching football With no interest at all Why can I

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Standing in Your Shadow

There I was, just standing in your shadow Just standing in your pool of shade venere Here I am, still yellowed by the summer Still sufferin’ in silence loud and clear Well I catch the train, it takes me back We leave the rails and the carriage snaps There I was, just lying in the kitchen Just listening to voices through the tiles And they said the one thing you can count on Is you can count on nothing here my child Well you dig my grave, and pat my back And I turn grey, on the beaten track But you hardly notice You hardly notice What do you say

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Street Lights

High time for nothing, there’s a clock in the prison cell Superfly sells me something, made me come out of my shell Now I don’t even have to tell you, you already know Any map in any station, pick a line and go You’ve always got the street lights Shining on your hard times Don’t it make your shoes shine Starin’ at the street lights Hey street lights won’t you save me? Bringing down aircraft with your eyes don’t amaze me The former number one contender, squealing on a spike You keep screaming no surrender, go and ride your bike You’ve always got the street lights Shinin’ on your hard

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It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Well you started by yourself And then you lived with someone else But you can’t go back the way it was before And I can see it in the eyes I just know when things aren’t right And nothing seems to matter anymoreIt doesn’t matter anymore It doesn’t matter anymore It doesn’t matter anymore Well how does it feel when you’re on your own their now How does it feel when I’m on my own terms now Goin’ all the way and I don’t care what you say No way, no way, no way Well you started out as one Another one made twice the fun But you tried to

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This Feeling

Forgive me Give me one more try You’re not the only one that can make me sigh Why don’t you Lift me Lift me from the mire Too busy staring cold at your magic eye Well I get this feeling I get this feeling Jumbled around and round and round Inside my mind It’s easy To crease me like a page Why do I think this way at such a tender age You just released me I’m let out of the cage I’m selling at the back from a battered case Well I get these feelings I get these feelings Rolling around and round and round Inside my mind I’ll

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Sharpen Up the Knives

Every day I sit at home and sharpen up the knives But it’s alright, it’s alright Today is the tomorrow that I dreamed about last night So shine a light, shine a light, but I… Just wanna feel what I felt before, but I I want you to know that I need it more Well the blind lead the blind Are the saints still alive since the last time? At the end of the line Was I cruel to be kind in a past life? Sharpen up your knives Every day I chip at stone while you are on your way Up to the stars, up to the stars I

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I used to feel I had it all in my hands It all came crashing down on me, yeah With lipstick on my overall And it makes me feel so over awed I’m sinking fast Woah-oh-oh-oh La, la, la, la, la, la, la India yeah Woah-oh-oh-oh La, la, la, la, la, la, la India yeah Well, there’s just something that I wanna say And that I wanna say You always feel so beautiful I wish there’s somewhere I could get away That I could get away To somewhere warm and beautiful Hey, everybody here I am I’m the only man, who’s ever had a problem In the whole world, again

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