Thanks for visiting puressence.net. My name is Jay and I have created this fan site for one of my favourite bands; four guys from Manchester who go by the name of Puressence.

I’ve been a fan of Puressence since the 90’s, not long after their first, self-titled album was released. From the first time I heard the haunting, atmospheric riff of Near Distance, I was hooked. I knew they were different to other indie bands they were likened to.

For reasons unknown to me the guys have never really gained the sales they deserve. They’ve got all the ingredients – a front man with a strong, distinctive voice, decent lyrics, moody accompaniment, excellent stage presence and live experience – they just haven’t managed to capture the imagination of the public. They haven’t had their breakthrough single and/ or album, and just haven’t had their much desired and much deserved success.

On the one hand that’s a negative (from their point of view I suppose), but on the plus side it’s great to be able to stick on an album people aren’t aware of and haven’t heard before, but can instantly recognize as good quality. Another bonus to this is the live experience; they always play smaller, more intimate venues. If you do ever get the chance to go and see them, I heartily recommend it.

For whatever reason (possibly money, time or both) the band has very little web presence these days. At the time of writing, a Google search brings up a Wikipedia page, and the usual social media stuff (Facebook, Twitter etc.). There used to be an official band site, but that has now gone, and there don’t even seem to be any decent fan sites about. So that’s why this site exists, to provide a single place to find info about the band; history, photos, tour dates, discography, lyrics and news.

The relevance of this site will increase with the interaction of fans. So if you have anything you’d like to add to the site, then please feel free to use the Comments section on any page, or get in contact with anything you’d like to see published on the site (pictures, memories of a gig, news etc.).

4 comments on “About
  1. Andy says:


    Any updates on any new material. I think we are all ready for our next fix.


    • Jay says:

      Agreed, we are definitely ready for our next fix! I’ve been monitoring James’ Twitter feed for some time now and have seen several “new material soon” messages. Hoping to see a “release date” message soon instead…

  2. Vodka Gravy says:


    glad your website is online again, probably some Puressence fans drifting about in the www were starting to feel a bit homeless… I am patiently waiting for news on the Nihilists Album – it’s been a year since the release of “Endless Sea” and it would certainly be nice to hear James’s vocals on some new stuff 🙂

  3. Sofia says:

    Hi Jay –

    just stumbled upon your site and I was very happy to see someone had put together a very decent site for one of my favourite bands. I also think it’s a scandal (and totally inexplicable) that Puressence never became bigger. I consider myself lucky to have seen them live two times (pre-2007): two of the best gigs ever!
    I can see that your last post was in 2017, but I hope you see this message. Thanks for your trouble 🙂


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