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Nihilists have 2 new songs recorded

I’ve been following Nihilists on Twitter and Facebook (Puressence frontman James Mudriczki’s new band). They have recorded 2 new songs; Wallspace and Over is so Over. If you were lucky enough you could’ve caught them being played on BBC Radio Manchester. James has been taunting us for the best part of three years with the promise of imminent new music (I jest; I’m sure there have been good reasons for the delays/ changes of mind), but it looks as though we might finally see an end to this musical drought. Nihilists have a YouTube channel ready and waiting to go. It’s currently empty, but here’s hoping some new videos will

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Finally something new is around the corner…

So it seems as though James has abandoned (or at least shelved) his solo album in favour of a new band named Nihilists. There’s no news yet as to when some new music will be released or if it’s been recorded, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long. There doesn’t appear to be a website but you can follow Nihilists on Facebook here; – Jay 17th March 2016

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It’s alive…

Hi All, Happy new year! Wow, does the year ‘2016’ make me feel old… I can’t belive the first Puressencealbum will turn 20 this year. Due to an oversight on my part, the site went down for the last few months of 2015. Apologies for this, I allowed the domain name to expire (d’oh!). However, new year, new start and I’m pleased to say it’s back up again. This means the mail boxes are also live again, so if you have any pictures or information on the band you’d like posting, please send it on over to Still nothing from James in terms of new music, although according to

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New Material Featuring James Mudriczki

Whilst there’s still no sign of James’s new album (come on, dude), he has lent his vocals to two tracks from the new album by The Red Sided Garter Snakes called Endless Sea, which was released on July 24th. It’s good to hear James sing on new material again after such a long absence. The track Gallipoli is particularly good. You can buy the album on CD or MP3 from Amazon here:

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James’ Solo Album – Now In Progress

True to the announcement before Christmas, James Mudriczki is currently in the process of putting together some new material. He was in┬áThe Shift Studios in Burnley in January, and has promised an “imminent” release of music to fans. No details on song or album titles as yet, but more to follow as and when announced. Could these be the written but unreleased Puressence songs penned for this year’s album? Let’s hope so (it’d be a shame to see what are almost guaranteed to be decent tunes go to waste). And hopefully James will be a little more forthcoming with information surrounding this release. James is, by now, a seasoned professional

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James’ Solo Work

After the shock news last week of the demise of Puressence, James announced on the band’s Facebook page yesterday that he will be working on a solo project. In wording very similar the the announcement of the new Puressence album, the following message was posted on Saturday (November 30th): James Anthony Mudriczki is currently writing and rehearsing songs, and is looking forward to a busy 2014. So while it’s sad the band has broken up, it would seem the new songs written will see the light of day after all, which is a positive in my view. No word yet on why the split (the band have never been very

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Sad News…

Sad news yesterday. After more than 20 years of creating beautiful music together and less than a month after the announcement of a new album, Puressence have have decided to go their separate ways. This message was posted on the band’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts yesterday: “It is with great regret that I have to say Puressence have split for good. Thank you to anyone who has ever supported us, you know who you are. – James” I am quite taken aback by this, especially as it was so soon after the announcement of the new album. In an interview I watched not too long ago (it was on

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Past Believing

Let me relate the tale of how I evened up the score I said I can’t take anymore without my baby And let me relate the tale of how I barricade my door So I just can’t hear a word of what you’re saying They send a message through my soul I don’t believe a word they said They say you’d like to take control Of all the feelings in my head You know I won’t stop breathing Not until I’m past believing, now I’ll take you beyond the pale while I end up on the floor If you could pass me up that score that you still owe me

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Hey Hey I’m Down

Hey hey, good times You’re in so many lives Why don’t you walk into mine? I’ve waited here for a lifetime But you never showed your face I’m sorry if I’ve been wasting my time I lie to myself I lie and I know I can’t figure out how my story goes But, I lie to myself And there’s no Holy Grail So why don’t you come and lay your body down On my bed of nails? Hey hey I’m down Well I’m stuck in a hole and I can’t see Any way out Remember when we were younger And I showed you what to say And now it seems

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Never be the Same Again

I only ever want to see you When someone tells me that I need to Supposed to be your resurrection You should’ve left it on reflection Well there’s something I’d like to say, to you You’ll never be the same again Standing in the rain again Feeling lots of pain again December 28 again Your famous boxing day again You’ll never be the same again So you just tell that same old story And strike another England’s Glory Well there’s something I’d like to say, ooh ooh ooh, to you You’ll never be the same again You’re standing in the rain again You’re feeling lots of pain again You’re pushed

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