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James’ Solo Album

All has been pretty quiet on the Nihilists front since the release of the single in November 2016 (yep, almost a year ago…). But the good news is that James seems to have resurrected the solo album idea, and according to a Twitter post is working on a solo acoustic album which is coming soon! Now before we get too excited, we’ve heard this before. We’ve even been told James is “in the studio and will release something soon” before now. But let’s hope that this time, an album actually materializes. A double whammy of solo acoustic and full length Nihilists would be awesome (maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but

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Still Alive…

So I realised the other day it’s been a VERY long time since the last post on this site. And that’s pretty much because, er, nothing much has happened in the world of Puressence/James Mudriczki/ Nihilists. Apart from the awesome video for Nihlists’ “Wallspace” which was released in November 2016 (check it out on the Videos page), we pretty much haven’t heard a peep. But I thought I’d stick a post up here anyway, just to let you know I’m still monitoring the situation! If any news comes, it’ll be on here. – Jay

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