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Sharpen Up the Knives

Every day I sit at home and sharpen up the knives But it’s alright, it’s alright Today is the tomorrow that I dreamed about last night So shine a light, shine a light, but I… Just wanna feel what I felt before, but I I want you to know that I need it more Well the blind lead the blind Are the saints still alive since the last time? At the end of the line Was I cruel to be kind in a past life? Sharpen up your knives Every day I chip at stone while you are on your way Up to the stars, up to the stars I

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New album announced for 2014!

Great news, Puressence have announced a forthcoming album! They are currently “rehearsing and writing” a new album and are “looking forward to a busy 2014”, hinting at not only the release of the new album some time next year, but at accompanying tour dates as well. More details (album title, release date) will be posted here as and when they are announced… November 1st 2013

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